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Mercedes GL450 Transfer Case Removal

Do you have a leaking transfer case input shaft seal?  In this article I will show you how to remove the Mercedes GL450 transfer case.

1.  Support the transmission with a floor jack.  Put a block of wood between the transmission pan and the jack to prevent damage to the transmission oil pan.

 Mercedes GL450 supporting the transmission.

2.  Unbolt the two braces that mount to the main transmission / transfer case brace.

Mercedes GL450 removing the transmission brace

3.  Unbolt the transmission mount.

Mercedes GL450 removing the transmission mount

4.  Unbolt and remove the transmission / transfer case brace.

Mercedes GL450 removing the transmission brace

5.  Unbolt the drive shafts.  Mark the CV joint to flange positions.

Mercedes GL450 marking the drive shaft

Mercedes GL450 unbolting the drive shafts

6.  In order to disconnect the rear drive shaft from the transfer case flange, the center support should be unbolted to allow the drive shaft to drop down just enough to move it over to the side.

Mercedes GL450 removing the exhaust heat shield

7.  Remove the exhaust heat shields and unbolt the center support.

Mercedes GL450 removing the center support

8.  Drop down the center of the drive shaft, you should now be able to move the front CV joint to the side to allow for enough room to slide the transfer case back when taking it out.

Mercedes GL450 removing the drive shaft

9.  Unbolt the transfer case from the transmission.  Once all of the bolts are out, use a wedge or a screwdriver to separate the transfer case from the transmission.

Mercedes GL450 removing the transfer case

10.  Here you can see the seal that was leaking.

Mercedes GL450 transfer case removed

11.  Install everything in the reverse order.

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