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Range Rover L322 Front Strut Replacement Instructions

Air suspension on early L322 chassis Range Rovers can be problematic.  The most common issue is leaking air bags or a failed air pump.  In this article I will show you how to replace the front struts on 2003-2009 Range Rover L322.  The job is fairly simple, takes less than an hour per side.

1.  Unclip the brake hose, abs sensor wire and the brake pad wear sensor from the strut.

Range Rover unclipping the brake hose from the sturt

Range Rover unclipping the ABS sensor harness.

2.  Use approprate software to depressurize the air bag.  I guess, if you are installing a new strut you can probably just poke a small hole in the air bag to deflate it.

Range Rover depressurizing the air bags.

Range Rover air bag deflated.

3.  Unscrew the level sensor rod from the control arm.

Range Rover disconnecting the suspension height sensor.

4.  Disconnect the sway bar link from the strut.

Range Rover disconnecting the sway bar link.

5.  Unscrew the upper strut mount.

Range Rover unbolting the upper strut mount.

6.  Allow the sturt to drop down so you can reach up and unscrew the air line.

Range Rover disconnecting the air line.

7.  Remove the strut to steering knucle bolts.

Range Rover unbolting the strut from the spindle.

8.  Remove the old strut install the new one.

Range Rover new strut installed.

Range Rover new strut installed.

Range Rover new strut installed.

9.  Here are the torque settings:
Strut to steering knucle bolts: 250 Nm or 184 lbf.ft
Sway bar link to strut: 100 Nm or 74 lbf.ft
Sturt mount nuts: 56 Nm or 42 lbf.ft


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