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Mercedes GL450 GL550 Spark Plug Replacement 2007-2012

A Mercedes GL450 requires spark plug replacement every 60K miles, in this DIY article I will show you how to replace the spark plugs.

1.  Remove the cross brace.

Mercedes GL450 Strut brace removal

2.  Disconnect the air ducts to the air filter housing and remove them out of the car.

Mercedes GL450 Intake boot removal

3.  Disconnect the air pump hose from the air box.

Mercedes GL450 Disconnecting the air pump hose

4.  Unclip the air box from the air mass sensor.  There is a metal clip that you need to push back towards the firewall.

Mercedes Gl450 Removing the air box.

5.  Remove the air box.

Mercedes GL450 Removing the air box

6.  Disconnect the ignition coil harness.

Mercedes GL450 Disconnecting the ignition coil

7.  Remove the two screws that hold the coil to the valve cover.

Mercedes GL450 Unbolting the ignition coil

8.  Gently pull the coil out of the cylinder head.

Mercedes GL450 Pulling out the coil

9.  Remove the old spark plug and discard.

Mercedes GL450 Removing the spark plugs

10.  Install the new spark plugs and torque them 23Nm.


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