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BMW E90 Ignition Coil or Spark Plug Replacement DIY 325i 330i 328i 328xi

BMW E90 Ignition coil failure is fairly common.  Ignition coils are made by BOSCH and have been updated several times so be sure you use the latest version.  Earlier cars made prior to 03/2006 have different coils so be sure you order the correct coils based on your production month.  Most common symptom of a failed ignition coil is a misfire, the car will almost immediately throw a code and illuminate the check engine light.  This job was done on a 2007 BMW 328xi with N52 engine.  Coil replacement job is fairly simple on a BMW E90, the only tools you will need are an 8mm socket and a 5mm hex bit.

1.  To get to the coils you will have to remove the engine acoustic cover.  Start out by removing the cabin air filter housing.

2.  Remove plastic covers on each side of the car.  Right side has a computer box under it and the left side has a brake master cylinder.

3.  Unclip all of the wires that are attached to the cowling and unclip the windshield washer hose. 


4.  You will have to detach the wiring that is clipped on to the cowling prior to removing the cowling.  Pull the cable holder towards the front of the car to detach it from the cowling.

5.  Unclip the 3 clips that hold the thick corrugated cable and pull the cable forward.

6.  Remove the cowling by removing the two screws that hold it to the car.

7.  Remove the engine acoustic cover.

8.  Remove the Ignition coils by pulling them up and twisting slightly.

This is an excellent time to replace your spark plugs too. 


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