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BMW E90 Front Strut Replacement 325i, 330i, 328i and 335i

In this article I will show you how to replace the front struts on a BMW E90, E91, E92 or E93 325i, 328i 330i or 335i.  This article describes the procedure on a RWD BMW 3-Series models.  If you have an AWD Xi BMW 3-Series please see my other front strut replacement article for AWD models by clicking here >.  Prior to taking everything apart make sure you have all of the necessary parts.  Inspect the strut assemblies for worn out bump stops, dust boots, strut mounts and spring pads.

1.  Start out by disconnecting the headlight level sensor if your BMW is equipped with the Xenon headlights.

BMW E90 325i Sturt replacement - Disconnecting the headlight level sensor.

2.  Disconnect the sway bar link from the strut assembly.

BMW E90 325i Sturt replacement - Disconnecting the sway bar link

3.  In order to drop the spindle down enough to remove the strut assembly out of the car you will need to unbolt the tie rod from the steering rack and unbolt the rear lower control arm link from the subframe.  Don't forget to order new steering rack boot clamps.

BMW E90 325i Sturt replacement - Disconnecting the tie rod.

BMW E90 325i Sturt replacement - Disconnecting the control arm

BMW E90 325i Sturt replacement - Control arm and tie rod disconnected

4.  BMW uses a special tool to spread the steering knuckle in order to slide out the strut.  I hammered a chisel into the steering knuckle to spread it just enough for the strut to slide out.

BMW E90 325i Sturt replacement - Spreading the steering knuckle

5.  Unbolt the upper strut mount from the shock tower.

BMW E90 325i Sturt replacement - Removing the strut mount nuts

6.  Remove the strut and support the steering knuckle with a jack.  Be careful not to damage the brake line or the ABS sensor harness.

BMW E90 325i Sturt replacement - Front strut removed.

7.  Compress the spring and remove the upper strut mount.  BMW has a special tool to remove the 22mm nut, I used a 13/16 spark plug socket with an allen wrench thought the center hole.  Use caution when working with compressed coil springs.

BMW E90 325i Sturt replacement - Removing the upper strut mount.

8.  Install everything in the reverse order.  Don't forget to clean and lubricate the upper strut bearings.  Alignment is definitely recommended after replacing the struts.  Be sure to have the suspension on the ground, pre-loaded before tightening down the control arm to subframe bolts.

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