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Porsche JP GROUP DANSK Muffler - (Sport) Polished Stainless Steel 94411108301

944, 924

Part Number: 94411108301

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Porsche JP GROUP DANSK Muffler - (Sport) Polished Stainless Steel

Part Number 94411108301
Manufacturer JP GROUP DANSK
Manufacturer Part# 1620606006

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by Anonymous on January 22, 2019

Well manufactured exhaust pipe, muffler and tip. The quality of the welds and the polished finish lived up to my expectations. The sound is just right for me. Louder than stock with a bit of a growl to it, and it is not buzzy at all. I replaced a Magnaflow muffler that I had welded into the Porsche exhaust pipe. The Dansk looks and sounds much better.

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by Anonymous on December 25, 2020

Purchased this to replace my stock exhaust on an 88 924S, and I'm very happy with it. For the relatively low price I was expecting "ok," but this exhaust is really quite good quality, with good welds and perfect fitment. As to sound, it's slightly more than stock but when you're just cruising you don't notice it at all, and when you get on it it really sounds smooth and excellent. All in all, an excellent product at a very reasonable price.

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by Anonymous on October 4, 2021

Nice sound to the muffler and seems to be welded pretty well. The flags bolts were off, too close together. The chrome tip was also bunged up.

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