LIQUI MOLY Gasoline Fuel Additive - Liqui Moly Valve Clean (Ventil Sauber) (150 ml. Can) 2001

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  • Part Number: 2001 / 2001
  • Manufacturer: LIQUI MOLY
  • Applications: Porsche
  • Removes deposits on intake valves and keeps the engine clean. Provides a perfect fuel utilization and clean combustion. Eliminates hard starting, stalling, rough idiling, and hesitation. Removes and dissolves residues, and protects against corrosion throughout the fuel system. Prevents carburetor icing. Proven performance with catalytic converters and turbochargers.
  • 2001_LIQ_23251C1F
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    VOLVO 240 B230F ENGINE: Product works well and as advertised. Also, spark plugs show after use, normal looking operating deposits, heat cumbustion temperature heat range and normal wear. Grandma would be proud!